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When I Speak

Author: V. Jokisch

I’ve been here too long
You told me once, you told me twice
You’re gonna have to work a little harder for

This room seems so big
I fake a smile and write away
But once you’re gone I’ll turn my back and find there’s nothing to

Say again
For a reason
When I speak
You know I want the whole world to hear

Twenty four and counting
How many times I’ve packed my bags
And turned around just in time to see the other

Sidelong glances
But just a view won’t help me get
Much further than this ‘till I realize

I have tried
Finding reasons
When I speak
You know I want the whole world to hear

By the time this is all over
They’ll have all of me

I have been finding the reasons
So when I speak
You know the whole world’s gonna hear

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