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Gone For Good

Author: V. Jokisch

I left you this morning
Took your guitar and your favorite hat
I'd got tired of washin' your laundry
I'm gone for good, so honey don't expect me back

I don't know what caused me to love you
Life hasn't treated me kindly thus far
So I'm gonna find me a new man
I'm sorry for takin' your leather wallet and your car

I shoulda known, I shoulda known, I shoulda known
You were bad news
I shoulda known, I shoulda known, I shoulda known
And now I've paid my dues

You said the day that you met me
Honey, that you'd give me the moon and the stars
You gave me, you gave me nothin' but trouble
I know 'bout that woman you're bringin' home from the bar


So goodbye...I don't love you no more
Gonna find me someone handsome that don't treat me like dirt
I know you'll miss me tomorrow
When you search through your drawers and can't find a clean shirt


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