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Author: Lyrics by M. Gordon / J. Price, Music by J. Price

Iíve painted poems for others
Reflecting how I feel
Iíve heard sad songs from cowboys
In gentle words I steal
But youíre off in a new life
While mine is a reflection
You couldnít expect any more from me
Than my fear of rejection
Iíll let you see just who I am
I promise I wonít conceal it
And you will learn all I know
Because I must reveal it

Youíre a mirror to me
In a mirror I see
Youíre the mirror, a mirror
My mystery

Of all the roads Iíve traveled
And all the paths Iíve worn
I canít go back and hope to find
That which Iíll never learn
A child may know the answer
To the question of our fates
But who will be around to hear
The thoughts that she relates?
When I ask of you this question
Must I answer to your lie?
Are we truly friends forever
When we say our last goodbye?

Youíre a mirror to me
In a mirror I see
Iím the mirror, a mirror
You canít break me

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