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Author: M. Murphy

I travel westward down the footpath where she went before
The woods are closing in but they don't scare me anymore
I found out tonight and left before I'd lose the track
She is gone and so now I must go and get her back

There are dangers there; what lies ahead is left unknown
All my people tell me I'm a fool to go alone
They say "stay behind and find someone to take her place"
But you'd understand if once you could have seen her face

And I wonder when we will see again
And I wonder how I will last 'till then
Why can't you be here now?
Why can't you be here now?

Darkness envelops me but I won't wait 'till morning light
It's nearing midnight and I wrap my coat around me tight
I am on a journey with an end I cannot see
But I won't rest until she's back here lying next to me



Why can't you be here now?
Why can't you be here now?

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