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Author: V. Jokisch

Leg slips out from underneath the sheets
With a sigh I recall the night before
As an arm pulls me in tight
In a moment Iím secure
Iím secure

And as I watch the sun, canít ignore the day
I pull myself away from this dream
Slowly walk away, I wish that I could stay
And keep this, perfect as it seems

The sun looks brighter today
I felt much lighter today
Every step is like a sigh
Now that itís here to stay
No troubles, come what may
I know that love wonít pass me by
Wonít pass me by
Wonít pass me by

Got a voice like a samba, soft and sweet
Mellow eyes that laugh and drink me in
Got a touch thatís light and true, tell me what can I do
I canít stop the tremors from within
From within

He leaves me drunk with pleasure
Feeling I could fly away
A feeling I canít measure
Somewhere between white and gray



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