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Joining The Herd

Author: J. Price

Looking all around me
I see with cynicís eyes
Hordes of empty people
Filled only with disguise

They always try and try so hard
To set themselves apart
If independence is the beginning
Weíve gone nowhere from the start

Think on your own
Make your own choice
The words we always say
But I bet that what the group decides
Is usually okay

The few of you around me
Who choose to stand alone
Are labeled as the outcasts
For thinking on your own

What kind of place does such disgrace
To independent thought
It holds you down, it sells you out
Your thinking has been bought


Iím aware that what I need to do
Is come up with a way
To share my mind with all of you
To lead you all astray

To break you out of boxes
Familiar as they are
To lead you on a path anew
But not take you too far

Thought on my own
Iíve made my choice
The words you always said
But Iíve split from what the masses do
Iím on my own instead

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