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Episode One

Author: V. Jokisch

I lie here in my bed at night
Wondering alone
Flipping through the channels
As words are tumbling down

Lost in a fictitious world
Not unlike our own
My tears will fall for othersí pain
In technicolor drone

Iím missing what I see
When the sound is gone
I live through othersí eyes
And pretend that theyíre my own
But in time Iíll find my life has passed me by
And I lived in a dream

Characters move on the screen
In photographic towns
Iím moving in there with them
Abiding by their sounds

Made me smile, the storyline
When two lovers kissed
Made me forget companionship
Was one thing that I missed


But I might find my life has passed me by
And I lived in
Yes I lived in
That Iíve been in a dream

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