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Philadelphia City Paper, July 14, 2005

Dot Dot Dot Matrix
By Patrick Rapa

The three folkies in Ellipsis (Matt Murphy from Upper Darby, Joel Price from Wisconsin and Vale Jokisch from El Salvador) have been living and sometimes working together since graduating from Swarthmore four years ago. And yet they still say they're getting along well enough to make sweet music in each other's company. "Which is great news for us, but bad news for the Behind the Music special we'll film someday," jokes the rich-voiced frontwoman Jokisch. "Can't say we'll have any major infighting, drug addictions or emotional meltdowns to include there."

All that proximity and symbiosis has paid off on the band's debut CD, Take What You Will. (Well, it's sort of their debut; they choose to forget more primitive endeavors and so shall we.) Strummy guitars with Latin accents blend and bend with a plucky mandolin and a swooning violin. It's the perfect platform for Jokisch's stormy vocals and socially conscious lyrics.

"Getting to make music with your two best friends is really about as good as it gets," says Jokisch. Good for you, Swattys, but we'll write about you more when you start snorting Splenda and crashing each other's cars.

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