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walk this road
Release Date: December 9, 2010
1. rolling stone & scientist Lyrics
2. velvet Lyrics
3. stowaway ophelia Lyrics
4. gone for good Lyrics
5. when i speak Lyrics
6. hallelujah Link

take what you will
Release Date: October 24, 2004
1. episode one Lyrics
2. still running Lyrics
3. all i know Lyrics
4. alright Lyrics
5. anna Lyrics
6. coming home Lyrics
7. glide Lyrics
8. shine Lyrics
9. eddie willers Lyrics
10. mirror Lyrics
11. joining the herd Lyrics

out to sea...
Released: 2003
1. glide Lyrics
2. mirror Lyrics
3. siren Lyrics

ellipsis has also recorded two other albums, "and so on..." (2000), and "insomniac dance" (2002).
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